Have you thought about going into the clothing business or would you say you are now a clothing seller or supplier? There’s no surprise that the clothing or apparel industry idea is one of the leading businesses now all over the world. Also, one of the most popular niches now in the search engine.

To be successful in this type of business depends on the supplier you picked or choose, like dropshipping clothing because the supplier can give you high-quality products or inferior quality items. If you are thinking of beginning your own apparel or clothing business and need to find a clothing manufacturer in Turkey, at that point you are in the perfect place.

In this article, I will list the best thing you need to know about putting up your own clothing business in a very low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Also, know more about Black Diamond Textile as one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey.

Why Clothing Business?

Mostly, when we are thinking of launching a business the first thing pop-up in our head is clothing business, why? Because the clothing or apparel industry is one of the latest and trending nowadays especially now that we are experiencing this pandemic era and everyone is at home and just browsing the internet.

If you’re just starting or a beginner when it comes to this business, it’s important to know that there’s a lot of risks – both financially and time that you need to exert to this business. Also, if you want to start this business, it’s better to launch your own design or custom products. In that case, you’ll also need to work with a clothing manufacturer to turn your own designs into products.

How To Choose The Best Clothing Manufacturer

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If you want a unique clothing label for your business then yes, you probably need a clothing or apparel manufacturer. So, always consider these points when choosing the right manufacturer for your business such as different kinds of clothing items categories, MOQ, and especially the quality of the items.

Therefore you need to consider the Turkey (Turkish) clothing manufacturers wherein they provide flexibility concerning the quality, quantities, and categories of the products that you need.

Here are some ways on how to choose or find a great manufacturer in Turkey.

Platforms – There are a few platforms or apps (applications) where you can get recorded, Turkish apparel manufacturers. Sqetch is one of such stages. On this platform, you just need to transfer or upload your project. After that, you can get clothing or apparel factories in Turkey as per your preferences with respect to MOQ, fabrics, quality, lead time, and your country of residence or the state and district where your apparel business will be found.

Specialists/Agent – In different aspects, you can consider contacting a specialist or agent to find a clothing or apparel manufacturer for private labeling of your own clothing in Turkey. The disadvantage of this is that; it is somehow expensive wherein you need to pay them for their service as compared with the other methods. 

Connections / Friends – Mostly this method is the best way to find a better manufacturer because through use of your personal connections or friend’s feedback. In the event, try to leverage your network through the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Linkedin is among the helpful connections where you can find Turkish apparel manufacturers for private labels.

Search Engines – This is not a surprise to everyone in the business or someone who’s looking for something or even finding the best clothing manufacturer. Using search engines like Google and Bing as everyone knows this is a great resource. One thing to remember about this method is that manufacturers don’t usually update their websites, so the best thing you can do is scroll through their pages to find relevant results that you’re looking for. Also, the easiest way is to go to their contact pages or form to inquire.

Don’t worry as most of these methods are effective, so you can try to explore and find the best clothing manufacturer through these methods above.

Pros and Cons with Clothing Manufacturers

At the point when you’re on the market for an apparel or clothing supplier, you’ll first need to find out if you need to work with a domestic manufacturer in the country you dwell in (such as the UK, the USA, or Canada). 

The other option is sourcing your items from overseas clothing manufacturers, such as China, India or Turkey. 

For reference, when we say domestic manufacturer, we’re generally referring to apparel manufacturers in the USA or Europe. At the point when we refer to overseas manufacturers, we’re referring to countries like China, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Taiwan.

So, what are the Pros and Cons between Domestic and Overseas manufacturers? Here are some of it.

Domestic Clothing Manufacturers

We experience a daily reality such that buyers are getting progressively conscious about the working standards and the material quality of the apparel they’re buying.


  1. Most likely to get high-quality products with regulated labor standards
  2. Using local materials from local industries helps strengthen your brand image with buyers who are conscious of these kinds of topics or someone like local products.
  3. Shipping time is going to be much faster than if you’re working with overseas manufacturers.
  4. The shipping fee is typically cheaper than overseas clothing manufacturers if you order bulk products.


  1. More expensive to source your products from domestics clothing manufacturers
  2. Generally, domestic clothing manufacturers have smaller choices of products compared to overseas manufacturers.

Overseas Clothing Manufacturers

There are a lot of overseas apparel manufacturers that can assist you with making clothing products for your business, frequently overseas manufacturers are much lower cost than domestic manufacturers.


  1. Reduced overall expenses. Manufacturing an item overseas is quite often essentially more affordable than manufacturing it locally. 
  2. Greater Variability. There are few alternatives in the U.S. for manufacturing a wide scope of items at wide edges of quality. In Turkey, for instance, companies can make premium tech products as well as cheap, low-quality toys. 
  3. Easy to find. Overseas manufacturers can be found with almost no exertion using well-known platforms or social media. 
  4. High-volume capacity. Overseas manufacturers are prepared to effectively create high volume orders in a single production round.


  1. Cultural divides. Contrasts in social standards might be hard to explore and language hindrances may complicate effective communication. 
  2. Limited oversight. Without employing an outsider or making a trip to the productions, it is extremely unlikely to watch out for how the productions are run or to observe the creation of your product.

Here are the other pros and cons of working with apparel manufacturers.


  1. You have the imaginative freedom to create the type of apparel that you need. 
  2. You can build your own brand label and image. 
  3. You have more authority over-promoting. 

Also, the cons: 

  1. You need to have bulk purchase items. 
  2. You increase your risk. 
  3. You have to make an upfront investment.

Start Your Clothing Business Today with Black Diamond Textile Turkey

If you’re planning to start your own clothing business, your own brand label, and planning to find the best clothing or apparel manufacturer and supplier for your brand, so, you are in the right place. All tips you need to know on putting up a clothing business and even choosing the best manufacturer are all above this content. And, that’s why Black Diamond Textile Turkey is here to help you start your clothing business, 

Why Black Diamond Textile Turkey

Black Diamond Textile is one of the leading clothing manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey. They always ensure to produce high-quality products according to their customer’s satisfaction. They provide its clients with cutting-edge fashion trends and quality materials, covering all kind of product ranges;

  • men’s wear
  • ladies wear
  • kids wear
  • intimate apparel
  • accessories

You can check Black Diamonds textile Services and contact us for inquiries.

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Keep in mind, this is a big decision to make for your business, so set aside, take your time properly to do your own research, and search for the best manufacturer who accommodates your business needs. The additional time that you spend now will assist you with staying away from any bigger misfortunes later on. 

In the event that you have any inquiries concerning clothing or apparel manufacturers, or about online business (e-commerce business), as a rule, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below – as we read them all!